Tracking Consumer Perception of ESG Performance

With Swayable Tracker, your team can now monitor changes in public opinion in real-time, taking critical decisions on brand messaging, consumer targeting, and resource management to maximize brand equities that drive growth.


Swayable Tracker draws on a nationally representative, carefully balanced audience to give direct high-resolution insights into public reactions to your messaging and the broader discussion in the community. See where your brand stands and observe effects from brand campaigns, trending industry topics, and current events.

Gain insight into what consumers really think

Swayable collects surveys from thousands of people in the US daily to see what they think about how brands impact the environment and society. We ask questions about Environment, Society, and Governance (ESG) issues, purchase intent, and brand favorability. Results can be dynamically segmented to hone in on the most important target audiences.

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Featured at ANA Brand Masters: Inspirational Branding Conference August 4th, 2021


See where your brand ranks against other industry leaders

Swayable and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) have partnered to create the first-of-its-kind ANA Swayable ESG Brand Perception Index to celebrate the ESG work being done by top brands. We are testing over 400 US brands each month, with direct input from tens of thousands of American consumers asking them what they really think about the impact these brands are having on the world.

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The Gold Standard of Content Pre-Testing

Built by scientists, the Swayable platform enables deep insights into the impact of content before a campaign is launched and at any stage of content creation. It tells you what stories drive demand and change opinion, and what audience segments they have impact on. Compare performance metrics such as Purchase Intent, Brand Lift, and Sentiment for actionable insights in time to make important decisions.

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